Pooch Pantry Our Story:


The dream of “Pooch Pantry Bakery & Boutique” began over twelve years ago.  Daphne had a dog named Bogie who contracted diabetes when he was only four years old.

 She realized then that it was not only going to take a great deal of work to care for Bogie, but a healthy diet was going to also be essential in order for him to be able to live a full life.  Daphne did a lot of research on dog food to determine what would be best for Bogie.  She also found that there are a lot of treats that are good for dogs too.   Bogie lived to the age of nine and no one would have ever known that he was sick.  He ate well and took his medication every day like a champ, and never suffered any seizures or side effects from his diabetes.

After twenty two years in the Title Insurance business, Daphne decided it was time to return to her native, New Mexico, and start up “Pooch Pantry Bakery & Boutique”.  She enlisted the help of her longtime partner, Geno Baca.  Geno is also a native New Mexican, and retired Police Officer.  He spent time in his younger days helping his Grandfather, a Baker, making and decorating cakes, doughnuts, and many other treats.

In business since 2009, we’re excited to have expanded into our new, larger location, providing Santa Fe pet supplies and much more.

The love of being home with our family and friends, and the concern we share for the health of our animals brings us here today to assist you in making the best choice for a long and healthy life for your furry friend.